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The Hair Doesn’t Lie

BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis

Like the rings on a tree, your hair provides a historic record of the nutrients and minerals that you consume. A BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis (BNA) uncovers this history by measuring the levels of 36 key elements using a sample of your hair.


Our Clinical Lab Testing Partner

  • Since 1984, Trace Elements is recognized internationally as the leading provider of HTMA laboratory services and nutritional metabolic products for healthcare professionals worldwide

  • HHS, CLIA and State of Texas DOH licensed

  • Serves over 76 countries

  • Tested millions of samples

BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis Report

  • Measures 36 key nutritional elements including the 7 most deadly toxic metals
  • Measures the efficiency of digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination
  • Provides significant ratios to reveal biochemical imbalances that affect energy production
  • Lists disease and symptom tendencies
  • Includes a plan of which foods to increase and decrease in your diet to improve your metabolism

Your Report Shows How Mineral Levels Correlate to Your Individual Biochemistry

  • Explains how your specific nutrient excesses and deficiencies affect your metabolism
  • Classifies your current metabolic (geno-metabolic) type and rates into one of eight categories
  • Classifies your autonomic nervous system by sympathetic vs. parasympathetic dominance
nutritional elements

Detect Toxins That Interfere With Your Biochemistry

  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Uranium
  • Beryllium

The Report Shows Any Biochemical Imbalances and Explains the Impact Ratios on Your Health

  • Significant Ratios
  • Toxic Ratios
  • Additional Ratios
  • Ratios Explained
Ratios report

The Report Provides Your Specific Disease Tendencies Chart

  • Scans risk for over 200 diet-related diseases and symptoms which can be reduced
  • Describes the correlation of nutrient excesses and deficiencies on health
  • Reveals the relationship of toxic metals on wellness

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