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Who We Are

We’re a team of health professionals including naturopaths, medical technology and clinical laboratory experts.

We combine clinical laboratory science expertise with naturopath medicine to provide you with the best in personalized metabolism-optimizing nutrition.

Dr. Tefft is a ret. DC and board-certified naturopath physician, best-selling author, three-time “Natural” Mr. America, and sports medicine staffer to the US Olympic Team, US Swim and Race Across America. Orange County News/ABC TV named him “America’s Leader in Personalized Health.”

Mr. Styhr is a senior global healthcare executive with 20+ years experience in clinical laboratory testing, radiology, nuclear medicine, diabetes therapy and clinical nutrition.

We use the tools to identify precisely what your body needs and the nutritional supplements to correct your broken metabolism.  All this, so you can Look Great, Feel Great and Lose Weight without guesswork.  Put our comprehensive clinical and industry experience to the test and be your best.

Dr. Greg Tefft

Dr. Greg Tefft

Founder and CSO

Stop The Guesswork!

Our science-based, personalized nutrition program is used successfully by Olympic and professional athletes, actors and health enthusiasts world-wide.

Fox 11 News – the only clinical nutrition program to be investigated and positively reported on by a Major TV news outlet.

ABC News named Dr. Tefft “America’s Leader in Personalized Nutrition.”

Reader’s Digest gave Dr. Tefft’s best selling book Your Personal Life their “Health Awareness Award.

Ms. Fitness Magazine wrote “Tefft’s approach ends the guesswork and helps people do more than lose weight, it helps them reclaim high energy and radiant health. Finally, it’s possible to create the perfect nutrition program for a one-of-a-kind body and mind with utmost precision and confidence.”

There is simply no better and foolproof manner to optimize health, fitness and well-being, and help you achieve faster and better results!

What’s In Your BNA Affects Your DNA

What happens when you plant a sunflower seed into bad soil?  It can’t grow into a beautiful plant or make sunflowers.  Improve the soil and your sunflower plants bloom.  Similarly, your DNA can’t overcome biochemical imbalances caused by your diet and environment.

That’s where the Tefft Method comes in. Your BNA test provides a blueprint of your “geno-metabolic” activity and biochemical imbalances affecting your metabolism.

Our lab-driven nutrition program is clinically-proven to naturally repair and optimize a client’s metabolism.  It corrects biochemical imbalances introduced when your body exceeds its geno-metabolic capacity (GMC).

What’s Geno-Metabolic Capacity?

Your GMC is your DNA’s or gene’s ability to adapt to environmental stresses such as exposure to toxins, injury, eating the wrong foods or inadequate nutrients for your body.  Exceeding your GMC on a long-term basis is what causes weight gain, aches and pains, degenerative health issues and premature aging.

Equally important, everyone’s GMC is different because their ancestral genetic codes are different.

Dr. Tefft’s Signature “Metabolism Balancing and Optimization” system precisely identifies your best food choices whether you prefer a meat-eating or vegetarian diet.  The BioCorrect Nutrition supplements increase metabolic rebalancing by 20-30 times the rate of food alone.

Simply, metabolism balancing and optimization improves your body’s ability to digest, absorb, retain and utilize foods and nutrients, and eliminate wastes.  This results in increased metabolic efficiency and up to 30% more energy from every bite of food.

Look Great, Feel Great and Lose Weight without Guesswork. 

It’s all in your BNA!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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