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BioCorrect Nutrition™ Supplements

BioCorrect Nutrition™ uses the best nutraceutical supplements and probiotics available to correct identified imbalances and achieve better health and performance.  We use physician-grade supplements, often only available to physicians.

BNA supplements are non-GMO, all natural, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, organic, USP and food grade nutraceuticals.*  You might even call them “Concentrated Food.”  Our Signature Crystalline Amino Formula integrates perfectly into your Metabolism Optimization program.

ProTren Probiotics are medical grade probiotics supported by extensive scientific publications.  Even our Fat Burning Express weight loss program is metabolic rate specific to your metabolism.   No Guesswork!

TEI all natural supplements
But you can’t buy many of our supplements directly off the website.  Why?

First, you need a BNA (BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis) lab report to order the right BNA supplement combination.   Your supplements are scientifically fromulated from your lab tests, and ordered in 30-day, 60-day, 90-day or 120-day supplies.

Second, what may work perfectly for one person could be toxic in another.  Most people wouldn’t consider that frequently recommended vitamin D supplements could actually make them ill and fat.

You don’t have to guess.  We use clinical lab science to recommend precisely what your body needs.  We’ll use that same information to teach you how to make better eating and health choices too.

Isn’t it about time to know precisely what you body needs?

Benefits of BioCorrect Nutrition™ Supplements?

Your personalized supplements are digitally formulated to correct mineral and toxin imbalances that interfere with your metabolism.  These individually-dosed supplements increase your biochemical re-balancing rate by 20-30 times faster than food alone.  They are precisely formulated to increase deficient mineral levels, reduce mineral excesses and eliminate toxins present inside your body in conjunction with recommended foods.

The result?

Metabolism is increased by up to 30 percent giving you more Energy to Look and Feel Younger, Get Stronger and Burn Excess Fat.

Better yet, you stop wasting money on unnecessary and potentially “toxic for you” supplements.

Metabolism Optimization Programs

The all-inclusive 90-day Metabolism Optimization Starter Program also includes Dr. Tefft’s Signature Crystalline Amino Formula, Ionic Plant Minerals and a BNA recheck test to evaluate your progress after 90-days.  A Whole Body Starter detox program, Dr. Tefft’s proprietary Expanded Food Family charts and extended health and diet planning consults are included at no extra charge with starter program.

If a quick 7-10 lb. weight loss is a goal, this would be the place to consider the FAT BURNING EXPRESS weight loss program.  The program is meant to integrate into the Metabolism Optimization starter program with the intent to keep the weight off long term.

The STRESS Pattern (60-day) and STABLE Pattern (90-day) Metabolism Optimization test and supplement plans are meant for clients with initial BNA results or transitioning to their next step of the process.  They both include all BNA recommended supplements, Dr. Tefft’s Amino formula, ionic plant minerals and extended health and diet planning consults.

*FDA Audit Compliant, NSF Registry, European, Canadian, and Australian Ministry of Health, Organic QA International, Member of CRN

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