About Gregory Tefft

Dr. Greg Tefft, Board Certified Naturopath (A.N.M.A.), Doctorate in Chiropractics (L.A.C.C./S.C.U.) and Triple-Crown Natural Mr. America is “America’s Leader in Personalized Nutrition.” Dr. Tefft is a best-selling author, pioneered the lab-guided, personalized nutrition system at Malibu Health and Rehab in the 80’s and 90’s, member of the 1984 Olympic Team Sports Medicine Staff, and is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer (CSO) of BioCorrect Nutrition.

Controlling Your Hormones for Peak Performance

I'll bet nobody ever told you that you could precisely control your hormone levels simply by manipulating nutrient and food combinations very closely in order to insure perfect quantum nutrient proportions. You may have heard or read about many generic versions of using carbohydrate/glycogenic manipulation in order to maximize insulin’s growth effects.  How [...]

BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis: Hair Specimen Collection

Thank you for making your metabolism-changing decision to use the BioCorrect Nutrition™ System. Your BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis Hair Collection kit should arrive at your home or office within 2-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail after ordering online at biocorrectnutrition.com or by calling BioCorrect Nutrition™ customer service at 949-315-8338.  Follow the directions below to [...]

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