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Discover precisely what foods and nutrients your body needs with our simple, bulletproof hair test.  

BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis (BNA) is the first step in our anti-aging and Metabolism Repair and Optimization System.  The BNA is a clinically-proven lab test measuring 36 intracellular mineral levels in your hair and how your cells utilize them.

Your BNA report provides mineral and toxic metal profiles detailing mineral excesses and deficiencies slowing your metabolism.  It describes health and symptomatic impacts, metabolic rate and type categories, disease probability table, and a personalized food and nutraceutical supplement plan.  With BNA results in hand, you receive a 30-minute BNA result and health consult, so you get the greatest benefit from Dr. Tefft’s metabolism repair and optimization process.

This test package does not include Dr. Tefft’s Expanded Food Family chart.

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Note:  BioCorrect Nutrition Analysis (BNA) test results are sent to clients via password-protected email.  By purchasing this BNA, you agree to receive program-related emails including test results, consult confirmations and retest notifications.

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Everything starts with our bullet-proof BNA test, the BioCorrect Nutrition Analysis.  The most advanced tissue mineral analysis test of its kind available.  The BNA is a medically-proven lab test and algorithm analyzing 36 key minerals in hair.  It determines your mineral profile and provides a blueprint of your body’s geno-metabolic activity.

Simply, it says precisely how your body digests, absorbs, retains and utilizes food, and eliminates waste.

Your BNA streamlines the biocorrection process by pinpointing mineral, vitamin and nutrient imbalances that damage your metabolism.  By measuring how your body utilizes nutrients, we devise precise “biocorrect nutrition” to repair underlying metabolism issues.  As a result, you have More Energy, More Mental Focus, Improved Sleep and Better Weight Control.

Eliminate Nutrient Imbalances that cause Metabolic Malfunctions
  • 99% of clients begin with faulty metabolisms
  • Simple mineral imbalances cause low energy, chronic fatigue and significant weight gain
  • Chronic muscle soreness and stiffness are often related to Calcium imbalances
  • Toxins like Mercury often instigate cataracts, chronic headaches and hair loss
  • PMS and menopause are often related to Copper, Zinc and toxic metal presence

Your BNA test report details mineral and toxic metal profiles and describes their health and symptomatic impacts.  It defines metabolic rate type categories, hormone status and disease tendency risk.  Finally, you receive a 30-minute BNA report and health consult to get the most from your metabolic repair and optimization process.

Try BioCorrect Nutrition’s acclaimed Metabolism Optimization program and get the results you’ve always wanted.

“If you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror, you absolutely need this test.” Len J
Simple 4-Step Process
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BNA testing is the first step in the Metabolism Balancing and Optimization process:

  1. COLLECT: BioCorrect Nutrition sends a hair specimen collection kit to your home or preferred collection site.  You return your hair specimen in the included pre-addressed envelope.  Click Here for Hair Sample Collection Instructions.
  2. DETECT: Your BioCorrect Nutrition Analysis (BNA) lab report is sent to you via password protected email in 7-14 working days.  The BNA report details mineral levels and ratios, metabolic type, nutrient imbalance health impacts, disease probability chart and specific nutritional recommendations.
  3. CORRECT: Once you BNA report is ready, we schedule a consult to discuss your personalized  supplement and food plan to break-up imbalances and repair your metabolism.  Importantly, these supplements increase metabolic optimization by 20-30 times the rate of food alone.
  4. RECHECK: Every 2-3 months, you check your progress with a follow-up BNA hair test until achieving an optimized mineral balance.
Know Precisely What Your Body Needs.  It’s In Your BNA!


This HTMA program is classified as a routine chemical screening and toxicology test with digitally interpolated recommendations based on test results from millions of people.  It helps individuals choose the most health-promoting and metabolically efficient foods and nutritional supplements for their unique biochemical individuality and metabolic type.  Additionally, it helps trouble-shoot certain degenerative diseases with a statistically cross-correlated disease probability table that along with metabolic rate classifications is unique to this method.

The described biocorrective supplements are FDA audit compliant and this HHS licensed laboratory’s program clinically proven.  These statements have not been directly evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease as a substitution for standard medical care.

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