It seems as though nowadays everybody is in an extreme hurry to do just about everything including dropping unsightly, unhealthy, unwanted body fat. Inasmuch as the United States is the fattest nation on earth, it’s really no surprise that this phenomenon is on people’s minds to the degree that it is. People simply want to lose fat—a good thing!

However, the big problem with this desire is that a lot of people are so overwhelmed with fragmented weight loss information, and just so desperate to “lean out” that they’re persistently making the wrong fat loss choices.  Ultimately they end up with unacceptably limited and oftentimes very unhealthy results.

As is the case with any decision-making in life, there’s a right way and the wrong way, and this is no different for initiating a “purely” extreme fat loss program. We will only concern ourselves with the right way that is the fastest, smartest, and healthiest and longest lasting approach to fat loss and weight management.

The Basics of C.I.A.

For the purposes of keeping things as simple as possible, I have arranged your extreme fat loss strategy into three concepts known as C.I.A.

C – Clarity of diet and supplementation necessary for your special body. The more precisely that we can input specific foods and supplements to your unique body’s standing biochemical/genetic circumstances, the greater we can stimulate your metabolism to burn fat and make greater energy for every bite of food eaten, and supplement taken.
I – Intervals of eating, drinking, moving and sleeping. The biorhythms of your body have a lot to do with the way you look and feel, and they must be reckoned with properly by organizing the daily routine in such a way that your body has no excuse to slow down its energy conversion and fat burning processes, but, speed things up.
A – Amounts and zones of foods and supplemental nutrients. The amount and proportion of all macronutrients and vitamins/minerals had an extreme effect on the way your body processes, energy and fat — all of which can be manipulated very efficiently with a little planning.

Clarity – A Closer Look

Science First

The best way to know exactly what foods and supplements your body requires to metabolically hasten its energy production and fat loss process, is to know exactly what the proportion of sedative minerals is to stimulating minerals in your body. This is what is meant by the word clarity. Within your body, the buildup of sedative minerals and their related vitamins in your body slows energy conversion and fat loss down, the buildup of stimulating minerals and their related vitamins relative to the sedative ones speed things up (note: keep in mind that the presence of minerals determines the presence of vitamins to the point that the two are completely connected and cannot be separated in the reality of your metabolism and enzyme pathways).

Therefore, on the most simplistic causal-level, a slight dominance of stimulating or *oxidizing minerals, over sedative or *anti-oxidizing minerals, designate the absolute fastest metabolism, every time, as determined by side-by-side comparisons of mineral tests and metabolic rate tests. Mineral testing quickly and precisely reveals what your particular pattern at the moment is so that it can be forcefully manipulated by applying foods and potentiated supplements of an opposite mineral retention pattern. If your system is sedative-mineral-dominant or slow – which it most probably is according to American statistics – we use “Fast Foods” (and supplements) to fix things.

*the word oxidizing in this respect means burning to release energy, whereas anti-oxidizing means to slow the burning or oxidizing down.

Real Fast Foods (and supplements too)

The trick is to take a “Slow” metabolism, and give it “Fast” foods and supplemental nutrients. These are the foods and supplements that have the highest amount of stimulating or oxidizing minerals (and their vitamin counterparts) with as few anti-oxidizing minerals (and counterparts) as Einstein’s principles of relativity will allow for a stabilized metabolic balance. Just as your body has been tested for minerals, so too have thousands of foods. Thanks to computers we know how exactly how to match one against the next in a heartbeat!

Below is a brief list of the most sedative (slow-downer) AKA antioxidant minerals, vitamins, amino acids, herbs and drugs that need to be avoided and or reduced when levels are in excess; followed by the most stimulating (fast-uppers) to be increased when levels are deficient.


 Calcium, magnesium, copper, boron, zinc, chromium, vitamin B2, vitamin B-12, and vitamin D, L-tryptophan, and L- lysine.

Some examples of “Slow” foods and drink include hard water and sugary drinks, cabbage and mustard family foods, spinach and goosefoot family foods, Laurel/avocado family foods, most high copper nuts and seeds such as walnut and Brazil nuts, blueberry family foods, bleached grains, herbs such as St. John’s Wort, and even beta blocking drugs such as those used for hypertension and migraine headaches.


Phosphorous, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B-1, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B tin, vitamin E, L-methionine, and L-tyrosine.

Some “Fast” foods and drinks include distilled water and caffeinated low-sugar drinks, Gourd/Squash and Lily family foods, pumpkin and squash seeds, citrus family foods, unbleached rye, herbs such as licorice and ginseng, and drugs such as amphetamines, ephedrine, epinephrine and tyramine.

Note: once a given body has been mineral-tested, there are also booster adaptogens such as prohormones and certain “Fast” phytonutrients that can be temporarily added for increased fat loss effects on top of a foundational customized nutrition and supplement program that is designed from the baseline test procedures.

Interval – A Closer Look

Intervals of moving, eating, and sleeping have much more to do with “extremely effective” weight loss than most people realize. The fact is that how many meals that you eat and when you eat them in relation to one another, how much physical activity you get, and when and how much sleep you get is vitally important to extreme weight loss. There is a simple formula for all of this that can be modified for everybody based upon the following “reality-check” principles:

  1. More frequent smaller meals speed metabolism and commensurate fat loss, as opposed to less frequent larger meals and any type of “bingeing” at night or any other time of the day.
  2. Larger meals, towards the beginning of the day are preferable to larger meals toward the end of the day.
  3. Physical activity of any kind is always “metabolically” welcome whether high or low intensity – do it! (Note: you were put on this earth to move and don’t forget it).
  4. Less sleep and more interrupted sleep patterns create greater cortisol burdens in the body; which then causes greater fat and water gain, and overall metabolic slowdown. “Power naps” are very helpful when sleep is hard to come by!

Amounts/Zones – A Closer Look

The amount of food (and supplements) that you consume and the proportion of one food/supplement to the next has an astronomical effect on the way your body can drop fat. There are some “rules of thumb” to maximize fat loss is as follows:

  1. Lowering calories always helped unless they are lowered too far (less is not always better, and there is a metabolic set point for calories under which the body senses itself as starving and will metabolically shut down to conserve food and fat storage).  Starving or fasting is not a good idea because of this and the fact is that your body will cannibalize itself if you push too hard.  Your overall calorie level whether it be 1000, 1500 or 2000 (or other) calories per day is critical to extreme fat loss.
  2. Increasing protein relative to reducing carbohydrate and fat is conducive to greater fat loss (of course the right type of protein is important, and goes back to which minerals are in dominance – more stimulating or more sedative ones.  In red meat, stimulating ones are by far in dominance; whereas soy protein is full of sedative ones.
  3. One’s personal food (or macronutrient) and supplement (or micronutrient) zones can be determined by mineral testing and will vary as such. Whereas for one type of metabolism a 40/40/20 ratio of protein-carbohydrate-fat calories works best, another may require a 50/30/20 zone or 33/33/33 zone which can be broken down into different protein, carbohydrate and fat types as well. Supplements work similarly; where some people may need six parts potassium to one part of calcium in a given supplement, whereas another person may require ten to one “micronutrient” zones.
  4. Lowering one’s intake of saturated fats, high sugary foods, salty foods, bleached and/or highly processed foods, overcooked foods, canned foods, highly processed foods and genetically-modified foods no matter what proportion or application is always beneficial; just as reducing synthetic vitamin, cheap vitamins, or improperly zoned supplements.

All in all, extreme fat loss is an interconnected process of applying a more precise intake of nutrients to a body that is initially understood in terms of its nutrient needs for faster metabolism inconsequential fat loss.

There are a number of shortcut helpers some of which are harmful and some that can be beneficial, which we will discuss in Extreme Weight Loss Part II.  But, for best, most long-lasting results, every one of these “shortcut helpers” are predicated on first arranging your CIA efficiently.  Otherwise your weight loss will be “hit and miss” much as statistics say it is already.

Stop guessing and know precisely what your body needs…  It’s In Your BNA

The BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis is a medically-proven, clinical laboratory test that measures 36 trace and toxic minerals in a patient’s hair sample which correspond to the individual’s biochemical and metabolic status. From the millions of patients tested over the past 30+ years, much has been further studied and learned about the interactions of these minerals with vitamins, enzymes, hormones and other biochemical processes.

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