• Discover precisely what foods and nutrients your body needs with our simple, bulletproof hair test.   BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis (BNA) is the first step in our anti-aging and Metabolism Repair and Optimization System.  The BNA is a clinically-proven lab test measuring 36 intracellular mineral levels in your hair and how your cells utilize them. Your BNA report provides mineral and toxic metal profiles detailing mineral excesses and deficiencies slowing your metabolism.  It describes health and symptomatic impacts, metabolic rate and type categories, disease probability table, and a personalized food and nutraceutical supplement plan.  With BNA results in hand, you receive a 30-minute BNA result and health consult, so you get the greatest benefit from Dr. Tefft's metabolism repair and optimization process. Save money by ordering more than one BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis at once:
    • Order 2 and receive a 5% discount.
    • Military and LEO discount.  We support our retired and active duty Law Enforcement and the US Military personnel.  Please contact us at 949-315-8338 to request a coupon code for military and LEO personnel.  You save 25% off your BNA tests as our thank you for your service!
    Discounts will appear after products have been added to the cart. Note:  BioCorrect Nutrition Analysis (BNA) test results are sent to clients via password-protected email.  By purchasing this BNA, you agree to receive program-related emails including test results, consult confirmations and retest notifications.
  • An expanded consultation with Dr. Tefft is for individuals with diet restrictions, wellness concerns, weight loss difficulties or for professional and amateur athletes seeking championship performance.  Consults are charged in cost effective, 15-minute increments. Consult 1 (pre-BNA consult)- A nutrition and health consult with Dr. Tefft for clients without a current BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis to address specific goals, athletic performance, health issues or a personalized health & fitness program. Consult 2 (post-BNA Consult)- A nutrition and health consult with Dr. Tefft for clients with a current BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis to address specific goals, athletic performance, health issues or expand beyond the basic consult included with your BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis.
  • This 3-month metabolism optimization starter program was created specifically for our health therapy partner, O2 HealthLab to kick start and complement their world-leading therapies.  Nearly 99% of clients start with significant nutrient deficiencies or excesses and 90% have significant toxic mineral interferences.  The drug-free, anti-aging and metabolism optimization program precisely corrects and optimizes your faulty metabolism FAST!  The inclusive program includes BNA tests, recommended supplements, a starter Detox, health consults and signature expanded food choice charts as a simple personalized package.  Clinically-proven, the process quickly detects and breaks up metabolic imbalances, energy blocks and toxic metal contamination to energize your metabolism and Look and Feel Great. The program includes:
    • BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis (BNA) tests (2 tests)
    • BioCorrect Nutrition™ BNA derived Supplements (90-day supply)
    • Comprehensive BNA result and health consults (2 thirty-minute consults)
    • Whole Body Starter Cleansing Detox (1 detox program)
    • Tefft Method Signature Expanded Food Choice charts (2 BNA derived EFC charts)
    • Dr. Tefft's Signature Crystalline Amino Formula (3 bottles of 250 capsules)
    • Ionic Plant Mineral Formula (2 bottles of 60 capsules)
  • This 90-day metabolism optimization and retest program is recommended for clients with Stable (Slow 1 or Fast 1) metabolic types.  It is ordered as the second step after an initial BNA or to renew the process for another 90-days. This program includes all of your BNA recommended supplements, our Signature Crystalline Amino and Ionic Plant Mineral formulas, and a follow-up BNA test and consult to check your program’s progress after 90 days.
    The program includes:
    • BNA recommended supplements (90-day supply)
    • Signature Crystalline Amino Formula (90-day supply)
    • Dr. Tefft’s recommended Ionic Plant Minerals (90-day supply)
    • BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis (BNA) retest to check the program's progress
    • Signature Expanded Food Choice chart (updated from BNA results)
    • BNA retest consult (30-minute)

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