Why BioCorrect Nutrition Utilize Particular Labs For Nutrition Testing

With literally thousands of exponentially multiplying federal/state licensed clinical/reference labs which now perform nutritional (a.k.a. orthomolecular) medical tests, people often wonder why we only utilize only the eight laboratories that we feature.

Please keep in mind that there are approximately 1600 (total) nutrient/toxic/enzyme intermediate/metabolic/interactive hormonal/genetic laboratory tests that we can perform in addition to the 150 “strictly” medical tests used in routine allopathic medicine. So why do we exclusively use these particular labs along with their special test profiles, therapeutic procedures, and supplemental quantifications?

The 10 reasons are:

  1. Each lab that we use, historically, is the originator and/or the world leader1 in the test profiles we order from them (pioneers of the technology, its correlational manifestations, and the handling of the specific specimens utilized whether hair, urine, saliva, blood, breath, biopsy or feces).
  2. Each lab has the most comprehensive, extensive and advanced database of comparative computer technology for statistical interpretation which is being constantly updated.
  3. Each of these leading labs has been in existence for the longest regarding its specialties, and therefore possesses the longest period studies of patients which is instrumental in the projection of therapeutic intervention for new people tested.
  4. These laboratories are, each headed by the actual clinicians – (to the day) – who have written the majority of the molecular/orthomolecular/functional text books available, and actively engage in their own ongoing research publications.
  5. The labs that we use each has medically proven nutritional therapies including in-house/subcontracted/referral/ customized supplemental manufacture.
  6. Each of these labs has the most doctor/patient, and consumer friendly report of findings and explanative/educational materials.
  7. Each of our chosen Labs has the most aggressive literature review and continuing education programs, compared to all others.
  8. Our medical advisors have unanimously condoned their prioritized use.
  9. The pricing structures utilized are the most reasonable, no doubt due to each of our lab’s higher percentage of utilization by the market as compared to “imitating labs.”
  10. Tefft, the founder and CSO of BioCorrect Nutrition™; after over 30 years of ordering and interpreting well in excess of 200,000 orthomolecular nutrition tests personally, has been able to isolate these particular laboratories out of continued trial and error.  He passes the benefit of his experiences and all that he is learned clinically, along with leading laboratory insights to those who simply want the best for themselves and their patients.

The most foundational program, BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis,2 begins with mineral testing from hair specimens has conducted by a lab that performs approximately 92% of the human hair tests on the globe.

Depending upon patient outcomes using this foundational program, other labs can be called in to play to further assess metabolic dysfunction that this foundational therapeutic procedure cannot overcome by itself.  This entry level program was chosen over the others available due to the overwhelmingly high percentage of people who respond favorably.

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  1. The most people tested/studied/on file for statistical comparisons/most scientific publications issued for their chosen area of notoriety.
  2. This HTMA program is classified as a routine chemical screening and toxicology test with digitally interpolated recommendations based on millions of people directly studied over four decades. It is intended to help guide individuals to choose the most health-promoting and metabolically efficient foods and nutritional supplements for their unique biochemical individuality and metabolic type – plus trouble-shoot certain degenerative diseases with a statistically cross-correlated disease probability table that along with metabolic rate classifications is unique to this overall procedure.