BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis: Hair Specimen Collection

Thank you for making your metabolism-changing decision to use the BioCorrect Nutrition™ System. Your BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis Hair Collection kit should arrive at your home or office within 2-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail after ordering online at or by calling BioCorrect Nutrition™ customer service at 949-315-8338.  Follow the directions below to [...]

All Medical Laboratories Are Not Created Equal

Why BioCorrect Nutrition Utilize Particular Labs For Nutrition Testing With literally thousands of exponentially multiplying federal/state licensed clinical/reference labs which now perform nutritional (a.k.a. orthomolecular) medical tests, people often wonder why we only utilize only the eight laboratories that we feature. Please keep in mind that there are approximately 1600 (total) nutrient/toxic/enzyme intermediate/metabolic/interactive [...]

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