Your metabolism is more than just the calories you burn. It is your very own personal chemistry. Your metabolism is the orchestra of your liver, thyroid, gastrointestinal tract, adrenal glands, pancreas, the water you drink, food you eat, oxygen you breathe, genetics you’ve been given and the environment you live in.

In answer to this question, all of the specific foods and supplements found in your nutrition program will increase the efficiency of your overall metabolism (i.e. a faster metabolism).  Faster as every bite of food that you take releases more energy, faster and longer.  It’s kind of like an automobile engine making more horsepower with less gasoline, while simultaneously providing more “building blocks” to your body.

Simply speaking, a Faster (or more efficient) Metabolism is predicated upon:

  1. More complete digestion and absorption of food
  2. Greater retention of key nutrients
  3. Greater cellular utilization and balanced intra-bodily subsystem distribution of the nutrients
  4. Enhanced excretion of the body’s waste products and other environmental toxins

Enhancing these four principles result in a greater overall energy release from every bite of food taken.  Better health and improved fitness is all about balancing the metabolic systems of the body.

The “Law of Opposites”

The way to achieve this desirable health state is to apply more of the nutrients that your body is not retaining, while simultaneously decreasing the intake of the ones it has in excess until “it all meets in the middle.”  We call this overall process the “Law of Opposites” or precisely applying opposite foods and nutrients to opposite bodies.  To do this, we use the BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis (BNA) to determine mineral excesses and deficiencies; then recommend a personalized group of foods and supplements specific to a person’s unique biochemistry based on the BNA to reduce excess minerals and boost deficient minerals.

For example, your BNA tells us that your body is higher in calcium compared to low in potassium.  It tells us that you require more foods and supplements higher in potassium (and its synergistic nutrients) and lower in calcium (and its synergistic nutrients) to correct and rebalance this condition.  We recommend reductions of foods that are high in calcium and increase foods higher in potassium.  We also add nutrient supplements that are synergistic to this rebalancing process that are specific to your overall biochemistry, not just to calcium and potassium.

Subsequently as this occurs, the structures and functions of the body are automatically strengthened over time according to genetic design.  This allows you too look better, feel better and have more energy in the short-term, while ultimately being more disease resistant and to hold up better under the stresses encountered in one’s life.  An added value is that cellular damage at the genetic level may be minimized or negated with optimal metabolism, so that future generations may benefit too.

Stop guessing and know precisely what your body needs…  It’s In Your BNA

The BioCorrect Nutrition™ Analysis is a medically-proven, clinical laboratory test that measures 36 trace and toxic minerals in a patient’s hair sample which correspond to the individual’s biochemical and metabolic status. From the millions of patients tested over the past 30+ years, much has been further studied and learned about the interactions of these minerals with vitamins, enzymes, hormones and other biochemical processes.

Good health is a terrible thing to waste which is why a faster metabolism should be your primary goal as you become your healthiest best!